What We Do at CheapAuto.net

As a group of car enthusiasts and computer geeks we started out one evening in January 2000, after having a few beers, asking the question, “How can we turn our hobbies into money?” Since all of us were interested in car repair, detailing or anything else that would involve grease, skinned knuckles and the sound of a perfectly tuned V8, we decided to start a business where people could learn how to get the best deals on cheap car products and services. We knew we were ahead of the game as far as web based businesses were concerned; since we had many contacts through our body shop we could spread the word of our new endeavor.

We decided on cheapauto.net as the name of our new business venture, or “adventure.” Spending all of our after work time focusing on the content of our site, things started to consolidate and our mission emerged. We want to accumulate advice which helps people save money on anything automotive.

Reflecting back on our process, and the many learning experiences along the way, we realize that Cheapauto.net will continue to be a "work in progress." We assigned our writers the task of researching the best ways to obtain cheap Car Insurance, rental cars, car loans, or any product or service related to cars. There is no reason to pay more than you need to for a car loan, paint job, or extended warranty. We will continually update our tips and advice as the automotive market and its myriad of associated services continues to change.