Cheap Car Parts for Replacement and Auto Maintenance With Tips on Saving Money

Even in times when the economy is doing well, we all want to save money. One of the ways many people do that is by taking care of minor (and not-so-minor) car repairs on their own. For some, it’s a pleasant hobby, and the time spent fixing an older or well-used car is as much fun as it is useful. For others, it’s a necessary cost-cutting measure. Both types of people have one thing in common: they want reliable car parts for as little cash as possible.

Even for people who aren’t planning to do their own repairs, finding cheap car parts may be important, because they’ve arranged to have work done by their local high school or junior college auto shop, but must supply parts of their own.

How does one find cheap car parts, though? The first step is to accept that the cheapest car parts are used parts. Here are some suggestions to find the used parts you need:

  • Contact your local dealer: Dealerships often parts out (sell) used parts, especially for older models, or for models that are less than reliable. They do this to supplement their business, but it helps you, because the parts they sell will all be OEM, and more likely to work correctly with your specific vehicle.
  • Join a car club: If there’s a local owner’s club for your make or model, consider joining it. Because the members of such clubs are often gear heads in their own rights, they are likely to have, or know how to obtain, used parts for your car. They may also be willing to help you with repairs, if you’re a bit uncertain about your skills.
  • Try the junk yard: A couple of phone calls to your local junk yard will let you know, without the time and expense of a trip to the edge of town, if they have the parts you need. Modern junk yards often use computers to inventory car parts, but even if they don’t, they tend to know what they have. If not, visiting one can often be an interesting adventure.
  • Use the internet: You can start by checking your local recycle group on Yahoo, or picking through Craigslist ads for your city, or you can simply do a search that includes the make, model, and needed part for your car. You’ll find several websites that deal in parts, some of which may have online ordering, but you’ll also find mechanics and parts shops where you can look. If you’re seeking parts for a collectible or antique vehicle, be certain to specify that when you search.

Remember that even if you’re not doing the work yourself, you can get cheaper car parts from your mechanic, just by specifying that you want used parts.

Having a car that doesn’t run is always stressful, but spending scads of money on repairs causes stress as well. Used parts are often just as good as new, and definitely cheaper, but you can find cheap new parts using many of these same tips.